Roger Burnley’s Singing Made Simple Review – One Of The Best Singing Lessons Found Online

People who have frustrations with their voice have very few options in improving their confidence and overall tonal quality of their voice. While there are many singing tips and techniques that are available online, they are usually not enough to address individual needs. Finding vocal coaches is easy, but finding one that will work with […]

For Vocal Control – Balance Strength in the TA and CT Muscles

There are two sets of muscles which control your vocal registers. These muscles are called the thyroarytenoids (TA) and the cricothyroids (CT). To sing contemporary (popular) styles of music, the strength in these muscle sets need to be especially balanced and coordinated. When one set is much stronger than the other, vocal issues such as these […]

Singing Instruction – When You Are Constipated Your Singing Voice is Constipated

When you have a headache your singing voice has a headache. When your toe hurts it’s very hard to sing well. When you have an argument with someone and it bothers you later your singing voice will be negatively affected. Notice I said “singing voice”, not just performance. I’m talking about a physical reaction in […]

History of Ukrainian Pop – Music and Popular Ukrainian Singers

Since singer Ruslana won the Eurovision Pop Song Contest Ukrainian pop-music had become popular throughout the world. People listen to Ukrainian pop-music with pleasure all over the world. Many Ukrainian pop singers – Sofia Rotaru, Iryna Bilyk, Oleksandr Ponomariov, VIA Gra, Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Nadezhda Granovskaya, Alena Vinnickaya, Anna Sedokova, Svetlana Loboda, Vera Brezhneva, Verka […]

How to Dress Like an R and B Superstar – 5 Easy to Follow Steps

You’ve heard them on the radio, seen them on TV; superstars like Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Usher. Anywhere they go, they have a certain presence about them, an aura even. The thing though, that sets them apart from regular people in everyday life is more attainable than you think: their clothing. Celebrities have been, […]

How to Score a Song

Music…who can do without it? It has turned out to become a major part of our lives. No day goes by without you hearing at least a sound that is consistent. I have trained lots of people musically and when it gets to learning or scoring a song, I usually get asked this question, ‘how […]

Top Country Songs of All Time – Four Evergreen Country Songs

Country music, with its harmonious ensemble of banjos, harmonicas, electric guitars, violins, and acoustic guitars, has captured many fans from around the world. Although it began in 1920s, the music gained its popularity during the 1940s. With many styles and sub-genres of country music nowadays, there are still many old country songs that remain close […]

The Singing Voice Visualized – Overcoming Barriers With Imagery

As an aspiring singer, if you have ever dealt with such issues as: Upon hearing your recorded voice back, think, “Eeeww, that’s not me! You go for the high/ low notes and choke You run out of energy and can’t seem to complete a phrase seamlessly You sometimes confuse ascending and descending movements of pitch […]

World Renowned Teacher of Voice, Anthony Frisell, Provides Training Manuals

Anthony Frisell, world-renowned teacher of voice for singers wishing to pursue careers in the field of international opera, has updated and reissued his three voice manuals: The Tenor Voice, The Soprano Voice and The Baritone Voice. They are intense, in depth and completely responsive to those individuals who wish beginning and advanced training for a […]

The Therapeutic Relationship Is the Most Important Ingredient in Successful Therapy

“Maybe if I have this client blink his eyes at an increased speed, while exposing him to his past, and add some cognitive behavioral therapy while sitting next to a waterfall, he may be able to function more effectively in his life!” Yes this is rather exaggerated, however it demonstrates the idea that as professionals […]