Ever since I got into a car accident last year, I’ve been having a pain in my hips. A car rammed into the back of me while I was at a stop light, and the pain has been there ever since. The pain comes and goes at random times. I’ve gone to the doctor to see what they could do about it, and after having x-rays and examinations, they couldn’t really figure it out. Sleeping with my painful hips has been hell, and it only got better after I found a bed on Sleep Matters that took the pressure off my hips.

The new bed that I have is made with a special foam that forms around the shape of the body. The old bed that I had was just a simple spring style bed that was rather stiff. Sleeping on that bed was about as good as sleeping on the floor. Come to think of it, the floor probably would have been a little more enjoyable. Sleeping on the new bed is more like sleeping on a cushion that cradles every part of you. It’s a feeling that is warm and inviting, and you look forward to going to sleep when you lay on the bed.

It may just be my imagination, but I actually think that the bed is helping my hips get better. The pain that I have doesn’t happen as frequently as it did before. I used to use pain medication to get through the day when the pain would come randomly, but now I can get through the day without it, because when the pain does come, it isn’t as intense as it was before. I think that the pain will eventually go away and I’ll be in as good of a condition as I was before the accident.

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