Our small town has an annual Christmas dinner celebration. We believe in community, and we always close out a year of fun activities with this. We do charge for people to come because these things cost money to put on, but we never turn anyone away who just cannot donate to the cause. We always have a huge feast, Christmas entertainment, and gifts for every single person in attendance. This year, I was in charge of putting together the entertainment. We use the same company each year because they are simply the best.

The reason we have someone in charge of this each year is because the company offers so many different options for holiday entertainment that it has to be limited to just a few things. I was happy that I was in charge of it this year because this is actually one of the more fun things to put together. I went to the website of the entertainment company that we use each year and started looking at the different acts that are available. That is another great thing about this company. They keep expanding their acts and entertainers so there is always something new to choose from for us.

For the main part, I decided a band playing Christmas favorites and classics would be perfect. I also decided to go with the acrobatic Christmas pixies because I knew the children would get a kick out of their antics. Truth be told, I knew that the adults would as well. I also had Victorian carolers go from table to table and sing songs when the band was not playing. This event was about four hours long, and everyone loved every single aspect of it. This is why we are such a strong community because we do things like this that make us feel like a family!

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