I have come to realize that there is virtually no way for a person to enjoy much real personal privacy when you live in the modern world and you act the way that most people act today, that is to say that they avail of themselves of all of the modern tech that the world gives us all access to. For example I knew this one guy who was really jealous of his girlfriend and was trying to use a program called snap hack so that he could spy upon her. At least he was trying to spy on her private instagram account, which seemed really strange to me.That was really creepy if you ask me and it would be quite difficult for me if I got caught doing something like that. I know that I never looked at that guy again without thinking about how he was capable of doing such a thing. It is a silly thing at any rate, because there is not a lot on an instagram account that you could not really learn through other means.

The Russians have really made things scary by truly working to undermine our entire system of government, a lot of the things that they did to achieve their goals are the same things that the bad guys use to try to steal personal information. The same criminals who carried that stuff out are out there trying to get in your business and they have every incentive to trick you into helping them out, so you always have to be aware when you do anything. Of course the people who you ask for a job look to do some of the same things, they want to know what you do on the web. Of course they want to see if you are morally questionable.

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