We have a garage where we work to restore cars. I used to just work on my own projects, but then did a few jobs for others. One thing that bugged me was the degreaser used in parts cleaners. If you have ever been in a garage, you have probably seen one. It is a tub over a drum filled with cleaning fluid. It has a light, and a pump, hose and brush. Fast forward, and now I’m buying a volumetric filling machine to fill orders for my custom recipe for a parts cleaning liquid.

The stuff I make is easier on your hands, is better for the environment and it cleans parts better. So, I went from restoring cars as a hobby to making money restoring them for others. Then, on a whim, I learned about the degreasers used in parts cleaners because I was not happy with what I found on the market. I mixed up my own blend, and now I am selling it to others. I sell it in such quantity now that we have built another building on the property and have installed commercial equipment including our volumetric filling machine that fills the drums with our proprietary blend of degreasing chemicals for parts cleaners. I remember mixing my first few batches by hand.

It is strange how you can establish a cottage industry by just working to fix something that annoyed you. I have found out that if something about a product or service annoys you, then it is probably annoying a lot of other people too. If you offer them a better solution, they will buy from you instead. It really is that simple to start your own business. I learned that when I was restoring cars. I did not take shortcuts with my cars, and people noticed it and asked me to do the same for them.

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