You ought to clean your Singer Featherweight 221 at least after a calendar year, and at times even just after an prolonged time period (various months) of ongoing stitching.

Like any equipment that requires to be cleaned and oiled, it is really a superior idea to operate over a layer of newspapers in get to decrease any further mess. Other items you can expect to require are a screwdriver, WD-40 lubricant, infant oil, stitching equipment oil, lint absolutely free cotton material, Q-guidelines or toothpicks, an aged small head toothbrush, and perhaps 0000 good steel wool and kerosene. Do not use alcohol (or Lestoil) to clean your Featherweight as it will dissolve the complete and the equipment decals.

Begin by scraping off all seen grease with a lint absolutely free cotton material. If you have not cleaned your Featherweight in some time, or you just obtained one particular and this is its initial cleansing in a even though, you may require to dissolve some grease that has hardened. To do this pour a little kerosene (or WD-40) onto the solidified grease and permit it to soften. Incredibly stubborn, hardened grease may require to be soaked overnight in which situation you ought to suggestion your Featherweight so that the strong material sits on a fabric soaked with kerosene (by natural means this ought to be carried out in a well ventilated space, and away from open flames). When all the aged grease is taken out, reapply authorised stitching equipment oil only. Refer to your owner’s handbook for the appropriate oiling destinations.

If you discover bits of grease or grime accumulating about the Singer Featherweight decal, or lettering, these can be easily taken out with a Q-suggestion or toothpick protected with a small portion of your lint absolutely free cotton. Stubborn bits can be taken out by initial soaking the stop of the Q-suggestion with WD-40 or kerosene.

Get rid of the needle plate (throat plate) and remove any thread that may be wound about the shaft. Also clean out any accumulated lint inside of the protect and underneath the thread spindle with a toothbrush.

If you are mechanically inclined, it is really not a lousy idea to give your Featherweight 221 a extremely extensive inside cleansing as well. This usually means obtaining to remove quite a great deal each mechanical part that can be unscrewed together with the face plate, presser foot, bobbin protect and flywheel, but not the motor. It is really constantly a superior idea to continue to keep the parts with each other (and labeled if needed) so you know how to set it all back again with each other once again. All parts ought to be extensively sprayed/soaked with WD-40 and wiped clean. The WD-40 will really clean, lubricate, and support to protect the metal parts.

Bear in mind, although you can wipe down the motor housing, do not lubricate the motor. Electric motors require extremely little lubricant, and it is extremely uncomplicated to damage the motor by over lubricating it.

Immediately after you wipe down the motor, take a second to check the belt pressure. There ought to only be ½ to ¾ of an inch of engage in in the belt. Also, if the belt is worn, switch it. This is carried out by loosening the screw right underneath the belt at the base of the equipment, nearly straight back again from the mild swap. Loosen the screw just ample so that the motor slides (do not remove the screw) and the belt is equipped to be taken out. Place the new belt on, slide the motor back again into posture and retighten the screw. Make sure you have the right belt pressure. If the belt is as well restricted you will strain the motor. If the belt is as well free, you will get rid of energy. To get the greatest performance out of your equipment, take your time and make sure you have the right belt pressure.

If you discover any mild area rust (not deeply pitted) on the metal areas of your equipment, this can also be fairly easily taken out. Rub the rusted portion carefully with 0000 good steel wool. Stubborn places can be helped off by initial spraying the steel wool with WD-40 or dabbing with kerosene. Do not use the steel wool to remove any dirt, grease or particles from the equipment area since it will depart scratch marks on the lacquer complete.

When you have finished cleansing your Singer Featherweight 221, make sure all of the screws have been tightened. Any free screws can result in grinding or rattling noises and in serious instances can perhaps damage you equipment, if it brings about a jam.

Eventually, set a little dab of infant oil onto a comfortable lint absolutely free cotton material and rub it all over the exterior of the equipment system. Wipe off any extra. Not only will this give the unit a great shine, but the oil will support to protect the varnish complete.

Normal cleansing of your Singer Featherweight 221 stitching equipment will continue to keep it managing efficiently for several years.

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