I was out at a diner a few weeks ago, and the waitress had on the cutest jeans I had ever seen in my life. I am rarely the type to ask anyone questions, but I had to know where she had bought them from because I had never seen anything like them before. They were just typical jeans, but they had the frayed knees and patches all over them. She didn’t mind my questions, and she told me that she gets nearly all of her clothes at a Miami boutique online.

As soon as I went home, I went online so I could find the online fashion retailer. I desperately wanted a pair of the patched blue jeans, and I was hoping that they had a lot of other clothes that struck my fancy as well. As soon as I saw the distressed patched jeans, I ordered a pair. I was especially impressed with the price because I thought for sure they would be a lot more expensive than what they were. I also went to the tops section, and I was giddy as anything when I saw that they had matching patched shirts.

They had so many different kinds of shirts, ranging from fancy ones for clubs all the way to tanks and tees. I ended up getting a gray patched shirt to wear with my new jeans, and I also got a sweater dress that looked comfortable as well as very stylish. I wanted to try those three things on before I bought too much more, just to make sure I was happy with how they fit me. Well, when they arrived, I tried them on within minutes, and they all fit perfectly. I have bought several more jeans and dresses from them, and I am going to venture into their shoe department next time I shop there!

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