There are very few things that scare me in this world. I have been hang gliding and loved every minute of it. I have climbed mountains, I have went deep sea diving, and I love jumping out of planes. I guess I am an adrenaline junkie of sorts, and I love every minute I am doing things like that. However, put me up against the IRS, and you will see actual fear in my eyes. That is why I needed to find a lawyer who would me with tax debt relief in Los Angeles, because I did not like the threats that I was facing otherwise.

I got into this trouble through no fault of my own, unless you count trusting a lifelong friend my own fault. I went into business with someone I thought I could count on. He deceived me though. While he walked away with an impressive bank account, I got stuck with all the bills that I could not afford because he emptied our accounts. I knew that I had to quickly go into damage control before this ruined my entire life. That is why I contacted Anthem Tax Services.

I had researched different companies, and they are the one that had the best reviews. There was consistency there, and that is absolutely what I needed at this point in my life. They were able to help me negotiate a settlement offer with the IRS, and it was much better than I ever could have hoped for. This did not happen overnight, but nothing rarely does with the exception of a friend turning into an enemy. I am slowly getting back on my getting back on my feet now. The funny thing is that I am still a trusting person. I would have thought that this would turn me bitter, but those feelings are only reserved for one person.

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