In effect I am sort of the muscle for a drug rehab clinic that does methadone treatment in Florida. In fact this area was home to this place that really had a huge hand in starting a real drug epidemic in this area. They were advertising themselves as a pain clinic, but in essence they were just giving away pain pills to anyone who walked in and asked for them. Of course the DEA closed that down after a time, but the damage was done and the end result was that we got a lot of drug addicts who eventually turned to heroin. The rehab part is not always voluntary either, so you have a lot of people who came here under a court order or others who went into this place to try to get a reduced sentence. So not all of the people we have are in any way committed to the process.

That is the entire key to things here, you can look at them and tell which ones are serious about. Obviously this is a really tough deal no matter what. Your attitude is, people know that what they are doing is a terrible thing. All of them have families and some of them have kids. You really can not be too much of a Mom or a Dad when this stuff is your priority. There is not ever any doubt about what you are going to do if you are a drug addict. When you open your eyes in the morning the first thing that comes to your mind is how you are going to get hold of the stuff that you want so bad. If that is your priority in life then there is not any way that you can be there for the people who need you.

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