When I was a teenager, my mom pulled out add a member of photo albums to talk about my grandfather after I had been asking her questions about him. I never had the Good Fortune to meet him. And one of the photos, he was standing next to an old Aston Martin. Mom said that was his pride and job. I wish I knew him, and I wish that I had a chance to drive with him in that beautiful vehicle. I later saw an 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan for sale in our local newspaper. I was very curious, so I went to check it out and later bought it. I felt that I was channeling my grandpa on that day!

All four of my grandparents passed away before I was born. When I was very young my parents would tell me stories about them comma and I would always listen with interest. But I was too young to remember the details of the different stories. It was my teen years before I really started the ask a lot of questions. I wanted to know which grandparents I left, I wanted to know which one had a personality that was somewhat like mine, and I wanted to know what kind of people they were. My parents were happy to oblige. They both loved their own parents, and they said that they saw a lot of my maternal grandfather. He is the one that had the beautiful car. They said not only do I look like him but they can see his personality.

It was learning about my ancestors that made me interested in genealogy. Add up to quite a few different sites that help genealogist find info about their relatives. There, I learned even more about these people who helped to give me life in this world.

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