I was really upset when I lost my phone not long ago. I replayed where I had been the entire day, and I knew that my phone could be just about anywhere because I had been running errands all day long. I had tried finding it using an app, but I just didn’t know how to make it work right. When I told my husband about it later that day, he told me that we would get it back. He had looked up lost Android phone before we even bought our phones, because we had used a different kind altogether before.

He wanted to make sure we would be able to have multiple ways to recover one of our phones if this should happen. It was just one of those things that he did that makes our lives easier, and it proved to be very useful for this very occasion. He told me that he had set it up in the device manager that we would be able to pinpoint where the phone was. He was also able to make it ring so we could hear it if it was close by.

That is what I thought was really wild. Even if I had left my phone on mute or vibrate, we would have been able to hear it ring because of how it was set up. We found the phone in one of the cupboards at home, and I still have no idea how it got there. I guess I was distracted when I was putting groceries away! Anyway, it is nice to be able to find a phone when it is lost, and I have told all my friends that use Android phones about this feature. The funny thing is that two of them have used it already to locate their own lost phones!

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