By interesting I suppose that I mean something else, but that is a much nicer way of saying it. Of course there is not anything wrong with that in my opinion, though I would not ask my Mom what she thought about this subject. I knew she was different than most girls to start with, but when I got to her apartment she went into her bedroom. She was gone for a bit and then she came back in a Japanese sailor college student uniform. It was definitely not what I had expected, in fact I had thought that I was going down in flames. It turned out that I was getting ahead of things, because she was just eager to put on a show. It was like going to the theater for a one woman show. I figured out pretty quickly that she was playing a character and I was supposed to play one as well. Unfortunately I had no idea what that character was supposed to be.

I tried to wing it, but she did not like what I did. It was a test of some sort, exactly what I could not say. I tried to have fun after I figured out that I was bombing, which seemed to get me back in the game. At any rate she told me to call her and I went to talk to this guy who I thought was the right type of nerd to explain it to me. He said that I probably needed to get a costume of my own, but I laughed at this. I was interested in getting to the goal line, but I was not willing to be a complete geek in order to get there. He showed me some books and some videos, but that seemed like a lot of work too.

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