It is not enough to have a great website if your income is based off of commerce sales. A great website is needed to keep the customers there once they find it, but that is the key. They must find it first. If someone does an online search with keywords specific to your business and they do not find your website on the first page of results, then you have a serious search engine optimization problem. That is what happened to me, and the first thing I did was a search for SEO in Toronto.

I needed to find a company that does search engine optimization for websites like mine. I went through the first dozen or so of search result pages, and I still did not come across my own website. I was growing weary of looking through them because I was finding websites that were not similar at all to mine. For some reason, the keywords that should have made my website show up sooner on the search result pages was coming in underneath pages that had nothing to do with the keywords. That is why I knew I needed an expert in SEO management.

I was able to find a company that was able to help me with everything that I needed. I liked the guarantees that they gave me. I would be on the first page of the most popular search engine, and they were also able to track leads for me too. I have no idea how they did this, but they delivered on their promise. After just one week, I was getting traffic that was ten times the amount I normally would get on any given week. I knew that was just the beginning, and I hope that I am able to improve my numbers even more now that people are able to find me on the first page of search engine results!

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