Leave it to me to need to find Brisbane locksmiths open 24 hours in the middle of the night. I was not even sure if there were locksmiths in the area who serviced around the clock like that. I imagine it is not every person who gets locked out of their house at three in the morning. Knowing that did not make me feel any better though. That is one club I would have been happy avoiding for the rest of my life. Since I did happen to misplace my keys though, I knew that I needed to find a locksmith who would be able to help me.

There are other ways I could have gotten into my house. I could have thrown a rock through a window. I could have waited til my husband arrived home at the end of the week. I could have called a locksmith since the first two options were not really good ones. So, that is what I did. It was easy finding a locksmith that does work around the clock, and it was also nice to see that they come so highly recommended by so many people.

Knowing they are honest and reputable really made me feel much more comfortable. I was very thankful to see the locksmith not too long after I called, and it was just a matter of minutes before he had me back inside my house. He told me that we could change the locks if I felt funny about my keys floating around out there, but I was not too concerned with that since I think I lost them at the beach. I was just thankful to be back in the house without having to contact my husband to come home earlier so I could get back inside our house. That would have been embarrassing!

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