Even before I hired my first two employees, I did research on what I needed to know about handling payroll. Most pieces of advice that I saw indicated I needed to hire an accountant to help me with this since I would also be responsible for taxes. I started researching them next, and I was surprised at the amount of money I would need to pay just to have the payroll done for two employees. I knew that there had to be a less expensive option, and I found that with a paystub generator that I found online.

I was not really sure what all a paystub maker would do, but the site I found was very informative. I was even able to do a dummy paystub just to see how easy the entire site was to use. The simplicity of it was extremely helpful, and the fact that it was a lot cheaper than what some of the local accountants wanted to charge me was encouraging to my bank account too. The main reason I chose to use this site, other than what I just mentioned, is the fact that it was designed by a group of accountants.

Just because I wanted a cheaper option did not mean I was going to go with something that was not going to help me. The tax portion is what frightened me the most, so I definitely did not want to mess that up. Knowing that accountants designed this program, and that they are the experts when it comes to taxes, gave me the confidence I needed to use this for my payroll needs. I am so happy that I did this, because it is simple, cheap and accurate. I am able to give my workers professional looking paystubs for a fraction of the cost!

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