Trying to get business lines of credit is still difficult even all these after the financial crisis. Back before 2008 it was as simple as picking up the phone and making a call. I had creditors contacting me to offer loans, and with good rates as well. We hear a lot about how they were offering gobs of money to anyone with a pulse but that they came with sky high adjustable interest rates. That wasn’t the case with me. If you were successful, you could still negotiate a great deal and actually come out ahead in many cases.

Then the bottom fell out and no one wanted to deal. I felt the crunch right away and so did many of my associates and competitors. One of the reasons the economy failed to grow is because it was so difficult to get any money out of the traditional credit nodes. My bank suddenly started asking a lot of questions that they hadn’t asked before, and even then more often than not I couldn’t get a dime. My business stagnated for years as I focused on keeping the lights on and paying my employees rather than growing my firm. Times were tough.

They still are, but there are ways to still get funds if you need them, ways that weren’t as available even a few years ago. I found an online firm that deals with unsecured loans as well as other types of financing for both businesses and individuals. They work hard on your behalf to line up potential lines of credit and they don’t go through your records like they’re IRS agents doing an audit. I’ve become so comfortable working with this firm that I’m considering giving up on my local bank. I like this firm better and they’re always willing to strike a deal unlike my traditional bank.

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