My brother loves music. He started playing the piano when he was six years old, and he moved on to drums and the guitar before he was even a teen. He had his first band in high school, and he has seen a huge amount of success here on the local scene. He moved to Nashville not long ago, so I had not seen him for nearly three months when I went down for a visit. I was really surprised when I saw him, because he had a sleeve tattoo that was not there when he left home.

I have to admit that it is the coolest tattoo I have ever seen. It is a a large guitar that takes up about half his arm since that is his passion over any other instrument. He has music notes and even partial lyrics to a song that he wrote and sold to an up and coming country star. I had never seen a tattoo up close and personal like this, and it was just fascinating looking at all the different parts that made up the entire sleeve. The more I looked, the more I realized that it told his history there in the sleeve tattoo.

I saw a small keyboard and drum set since those were the first two instruments that he had started to play. I also saw a small representation of a band of young guys. Though they were not designed to look like his first band, it was hard to not see them in that design. I would never have pictured my brother with a tattoo like this, and now I cannot picture him without one. The tattooist who did this sleeve for him captured every important moment from my brother’s life and made it into a lasting work of wearable art.

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