I stay ahead of the game with my online business by taking care of existing customers and perpetually seeking new customers. We even have marketing plans in place to capture new generations of customers as they get old enough to have an interest in our products. I get a lot of help from a company that provides online lead generation in Australia. We shoot for a certain percentage of growth for each quarter, and we have been consistently attaining it with the help of the marketing experts we have been using.

I have seen companies focus only on keeping customers they acquired, and I still see companies that only focus on getting new customers. Some of them count reacquiring old customers as getting new customers. You see a tremendous amount of this in the cellular phone industry. Users get tired of one company and they hop to the next one. It is usually to get a low-cost new phone that is out for a service commitment that is usually two years in length. Then, the cellular companies started to offer to buy out your contract from your other carrier as if they were rescuing you. Silly stuff, but it keeps them in business.

We give value to our existing customers as well as constantly trying to acquire new ones. Unlike the cellular providers, we would never offer something free to just new customers without making an equally beneficial offer to our existing customers. I suppose that this level of commitment to old and new customers is why we are an industry leader for what we sell. That and the great online lead generation in Australia that we are constantly getting. The combined things make us into what we are as a company today. We are thriving and growing each quarter.

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