Now that I own my own business, I find myself being more protective and more aware of the liabilities that come along with it. I’ve recently decided that I need more insurance for my business, so I’ve been looking around and considering different companies. One company that I’m considering had very interesting advice that was directly related to my business. We are very close to launching a new product, which is something that we have never done before. Because of this, we’ve been discussing a product launch risk assessment to help us understand what risks, if any we may be exposed to.

I am very fortunate that I learned about this sort of thing in business school. Otherwise, I might not have even known that the risk assessment is the smart thing to do in this type of situation. The fact that this insurance carrier had so much great information on this topic made me want to explore doing business with them even more. It made me feel like this company really understands my business and my needs, and will work hard to help ensure that I am protected at all times. It almost feels like fate has brought me to this company. It is more than a coincidence that not only was I shopping around for insurance, but that they presented me with information directly related to what our business is currently doing.

Seeing information on their website about risk assessment made a great first impression on me, and I was able to find additional information as well. One of the things that I have been considering and that was in the back of my mind had to do with liability and the risk associated with my new product. This is one of the components of the assessment that I would undergo, and it is a vital thing to examine. I plan on reading even more about the topic, and learning how I can begin a risk assessment with this insurance company.

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