My mom and friends were talking about how much weight I had lost. I lost sixty pounds so far and only have about thirty pounds left to lose. I do have a lot of extra skin and while I am really upset I did not go to the gym and work out, I am glad that I lost that much weight. I may not have the perfect body but at least I can say I worked hard to actually go and make my life a lot healthier. Things were going well and I found Coolsculpting in Sacramento and I was really interested in hearing how that could actually help me get tighter and help me lose my fat. I would like to consider it but I have no idea how much money it cost so I did not want to go and do anything about it before reading about it and talking to the doctor because I was so interested.

I heard from my sister in law that for about three thousand dollars you have a part of your stomach frozen and it is supposed to look smaller. I don’t understand why she actually bothered to have it done because she went and she worked on her stomach when she has really fat legs and she does not look normal. She looks bloated and that is not the most healthy thing at all. I think she needs to go to a health spa and spend three thousand dollars to have someone look at her blood work and ask her what she eats and get her to start thinking more about living and less about just going through the motions of life. It seems like that is such a lonely way to be when you live all alone and things don’t look good.

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