I spend my days sharpening industrial tools such as drill bits. They are made out of tungsten, and it is quite a valuable metal. It is also very heavy, so a little of it weighs a lot. I save every bit of the tungsten dust and shavings from the mill tools I sharpen. Over time it is like getting free money. I sell it at scrap metal dealers. With the metal being worth about five bucks a pound, that is $500 for a 100 pounds of it. It does not take me a long time to get up to that weight. When we are going to be taking some extra vacation time, I work ahead and get extra sharpening orders out so my clients do not have to wait for me to get back. That also gives me more tungsten for scrap.

People throw away money every day. How many people are saving aluminum cans? Not one of them should ever go into a landfill. I put can receptacles out everywhere. I get them at a low price, and they pay for themselves quickly with the aluminum I get out of them. I just do not put them too far from our home to save on fuel when I go around and empty them. People will use the can receptacles for recycling.

They really do not want to waste, they just need it to be convenient to recycle. I do make sure the can receptacles are close to regular garbage cans. If not, then some people will throw trash in the recycling containers even though they only have a small opening in the lid to accept cans. I get glass bottles too, but I just recycle those. It is the metal I am after. I make a pretty decent living sharpening the tools and selling metal to scrap metal dealers.

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