One of these days I’ll remember not to leave my food unattended around my dog. I swear he’s like a human garbage disposal. He can devour anything, and I have to scold him for it each time. I can’t even prepare food without him hanging around and trying to nibble at everything. One day I dropped a piece of cucumber on the floor by accident while cutting it, and the dog swooped in to eat it. I pulled out my phone and searched “can dogs eat cucumbers safely” without getting into a panic, because I’ve seen my dog eat so many things.

When my dog first started eating everything, I would panic because I thought my dog would die from eating something bad for him. I got used to it happening over and over and just decided to look up the toxicity of the food in relation to dogs. As it turns out, cucumbers were something that I probably should have been feeding my dog a long time ago. My dog is a bit overweight because of all the extra foods he eats. It’s weird that a dog of his size can move so fast when there is food near.

Cucumbers are high in fiber and water. If a dog that is overweight starts eating them, he will become more full than if he was eating other junk food, which will prevent him from eating those other foods. I came up with a bright idea to use this as a way for my dog to lose weight. Since my dog will eat the cucumbers no matter what, I just gave it to him willing without going overboard and causing him problems. Over a span of a month, my dog lost weight and was looking more like he did a couple of years ago.

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