I was tired of all of the stares that I would get whenever I would go out in public. I was tired of the people whispering comments about me, and some even telling me them to my face. I couldn’t take being a fat person any longer and wanted to get a new body. I tried to do dieting and exercise, but I couldn’t stick with a plan and only gained more weight. I was at my wits end, but then I learned about Orlistat generic pills and my entire life was changed for the better.

The pills made it easier for me to lose weight than I could normally do on my own. In just one month of using them, I was able to burn off 20 pounds. I’ve been using them for nearly half a year, and my body looks drastically different. I still have a long way to go to get to the body that I want, but I’m on the right path and there’s nothing that can stop me. There is one thing that I’ll have to take care of in the future. As I continue to lose weight, I’ll have to do something with my excess skin.

Since my skin has stretched a lot due to being overweight, when my weight goes down, the skin won’t return to it’s original shape and elasticity, so it will hang and sag off my body. I can cover this with clothes, but this will limit the kinds of clothing that I can wear in public. If I get an operation for my excess skin, I can have it tucked and sewn and I will be able to wear pretty much anything. I don’t have to deal with any kind of hate comments that are thrown at me in public either.

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