I have been trying different ways to fix my back, but of course I am scared of some of the more popular ways that you remedy a bad back. I would go to a chiropractor, but of course that is a really scary thing after you learn how it is that they achieve results. There is a great potential for disaster. If you go to a doctor all they really offer is a bottle of pills which have tremendous ill effects. I have decided to try a physical therapy type of massage in South Surrey. That seems like the only real safe option that I can try, although I suppose that they could also go over the top in some types of massage. I do not know of any real problems, but it is quite possible that you could find out that they could do something strange. Still it seems like it is the best way to go if you are worried about all of the other options.

I have this friend from school who told me that I should go up to London on the train and try acupuncture. That is probably a really safe thing to do, but you see the size of the needles that they use and it is a lot scarier than it should really be. Logically you know that you are not going to get injured, but still when you see what they use to do this stuff that is not the thought that comes into your mind. What is logical often goes out the window when you are faced with the sort of thing that frightens you. Of course you probably just want to avert your eyes so that you are not watching the needle when it goes into your mortal flesh, that would be the scary thing.

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