When I go to a website, I usually find myself there for one reason. I have done some kind of search, and I clicked on one of the websites at the top of the first page of results. I know that search engine optimization is important because of this, but I honestly do not know the first thing about it. I know that there are algorithms that are extremely complicated but quite accurate when it comes to SEO, so I knew I needed to find a good SEO agency to help me with my own website.

I was doing great business already with it, but I wanted to expand. The majority of my customers were established already, and the rest of my business was because of referrals. I knew that I was missing out on a great market though, which is new customers who were not even aware that my website was in existence. That is because while my website is amazing, the SEO associated with it was not ranking me high on the search engine pages. I knew that I could increase my business a good bit if I could only grab new customers to the mix.

I looked at several different companies that are SEO experts, and it was pretty easy to pick the one that I wanted to go with. First off, they placed quite high on the search engine results when I did a basic search for SEO companies in my area. Also, I looked at their websites, and I knew that they would be able to help me in that area too. I saw some things on their own website that I knew I would like to incorporate into my own, so that is exactly what we did. I was right too, because my customer base has already increased by nearly 20 percent, and this is just the beginning of this new phase!

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