It felt funny to use something like Pink Privates bleaching cream considering I’m a younger guy. It sounds like a girly product and, to a large extent, it is. They use it mostly to lighten the skin around their vagina. However, guys can use it too to lighten the same areas around their private parts. I needed something to help in that area very badly. I had always had severe discoloration in that area and frankly it was extremely embarrassing when you’re out trying to meet the ladies. Their reactions ran the gamut, but the result for me was always embarrassment.

I went online to research a solution after a sympathetic girlfriend suggested I use some sort of lightening cream. She said she used a brand she found online and it was very successful for her. I had to agree because she looked find. She said she used to have very dark creases and that they caused her to give up dating or relationships for several years until she got the nerve to look for an answer. With that endorsement ringing in my ears, I started my search online because there was no way I would buy this in person.

A site I found had good things to say about Pink Privates. I had to chuckle over the name, but if it did indeed turn the area in question pink I would be in a good place so I purchased one. It arrived in my mail box in a very discreet manner, which I appreciated, and I followed the instructions closely so nothing bad would happen. At first I noticed nothing. In fact, it took about a month or longer before I saw results. I almost didn’t notice because I resigned myself to failure, but there it was! It is lighter. I’m hoping another month of use really makes a difference.

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