Many people like to use their phones as their primary way to take pictures. I know that many people use an instagram hack to makes sure that they will always have a place for their friends and family members to go back and look at their past experiences through their pictures. My family members like to go and backup their accounts. Seldom to any of my family and friends go and back up their own pictures taken through their phone. I would like to stress how important it is for you to go and backup your files. I know from first hand tragedy and experience how important it is for you to go and backup your files and data. My step mom had stage four cancer and we knew that we were not going to be able to go and take family portraits tghat year like we used to, so we decided that we would just take as many pictures of her as we could when she was feeling better.

I took more pictures of her the last year she we alive than the previous twenty nine years of her being my step mom. We ended up getting some really nice pictures of her and the grandchildren. Before I knew it, she had passed way. It was a great service planned for her and I knew we were going to have to get pictures of her ready for the service. Many people did not want to be left out so I was going to print out all the pictures from my phone so people could see what they did and did not want to display. I could not believe it when I took out my phone and I saw that I had lost months of pictures because I was too busy to back anything up.

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