Our Favorite Online Sources To Learn Programming For Free

Are you a computer geek, always spending time on the computer, either creating new programs and what not? Well that’s great because not everybody has the talent to do so. But, the thing about this is that it can be pretty time consuming, and expensive; although, you’d make good money if you continued a career in the IT department. Now what most people end up doing is coding, and programming, which is almost considered the same. However it takes some skill. So if you plan on enhancing your skills the best way is to sign up for classes, there are plenty. And there are some of the best online sources to learn programming for free from, that’s would be amazing as you’d be able to learn without spending, and you wouldn’t even have to go anywhere. So why not give it a try right?

What exactly is programming?

For those of who you who don’t know what it is must have heard of it. Well what it is a process of designing, and building a functioning computer program that can be used to accomplish a certain result. It uses special computer language to specialize in the communication of other computers, applications, and more on. If you want to program you would have to become familiar with the languages. They are; BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java, Ada, and Pascal. These languages are a set of grammatical rules, which will aid in the process of the computer preforming specific tasks. Now within these there are main types of programming language, it being; Procedural programming language, Functional programming language, Object-oriented programming language. There are a couple of more programs, but these are the most used.

How to learn programming

In today’s world programming is a sought after skill, so it wouldn’t hurt to get a hold of it. So if you’re interested then this is how you can learn. First of all understand the language, and get familiar with it. There are tons of languages out there, the most common being C++, and Python. Starting of with C++ is better for some people as it isn’t too easy, or too hard. Start learning the basics, like variables, data types, syntax, loops, and more, with these you could try to start solving basic questions. Further along the way you could try learning the data structures and algorithms. The data structure will help in choosing the right way to solve the problem, and the algorithms will help with understanding the mechanism of the functions.

Next you could also compete in programming competitions. They are many online, and it will help you gain a sense of what kind of problems need to be solved and so on. There are even companies that allow contributions on open source projects. For example, MeetnFuck App offered the opportunity to work on its date matching algorithm even offering compensation for innovative developments. Making a project will also be beneficial to your learning skills. Get some development framework, like Flask, or Ruby, and then make an application. Trust me this will teach you so much, and you could even start to feel like a software developer. After all of this you’ll have to explore this field, test the waters and see how it goes. With programming there are a bunch of opportunities that you can’t miss out on if it’s something that you love to do.

Where do you learn it from?

If you’re interested you obviously need to find someone to teach it to you. There are plenty of programming courses that take place at institutes, or institutes designed especially for that creation. These would cost you over a $1000. And you can get it done online too, but these are also for money, and would cost around the same. But what if I told you can get it for free. You just have to find the right site, some of the best online sources to learn programming for free is through:

  • Codeacademy: uses interactive learning
  • freeCodeCamp: perfect for hands on learners.
  • Coursera: classes are taught by real professors for free.
  • edX: coursed governed by MIT/Harvard.
  • Codewars: coding competition.
  • GA Dash: project based learning.
  • Khan Academy: offers tons of subjects for free.
  • MIT Opencourseware: do a course at the extremely hard to get in MIT, it’s free.
  • The Odin Project: created by a Viking code school, you can get extra help through videos.
  • Udacity: offers free coding courses, even nanodegrees.
top programming languages

Top 5 Programming Languages

In every field in today’s era whether it’s in schools, collage, hospitals or banks what is the basic requirement is knowledge of computers. From wearing a small smartwatch to teaching children on the smart board you have to learn the basics of computer. For every fresher who wants to pursue his career in the digital world, the most important skill to learn is how to write a computer program. As humans are progressing in every field there are many new programming languages are coming every year. So here are the top 5 programming languages which every beginner or job seeker must learn in the year 2020:

Python and Java:

python and java

Python provides the best starting point for the beginners and it is proved to be the best programming language in the digi world. Most of the startup companies are taking Python as their primary programming language because it is very easy to learn and use programming language as well as it is very fast to access. That’s why this is the most widely used programming language and should be learnt by every beginner in 2020. It is an ideal language for building prototypes and testing out ideas and provides support for a multitude of platforms and systems. So one should definitely learn it for his or her bright future.

Java is the language which is widely used in the android app development. It is a very trustworthy and stable language which is mainly used for building enterprise scale web applications by some of the large tech organizations. It also has automatic memory allocation and also known as a highly secure one due to the exclusion of explicit pointer and inclusion of a security manager. It also has various open source libraries and hence most important one to learn about.

C/C++ and JavaScript:

c/c++ and javascript

C/C++ is the language which provides Standard Template Library (STL) that is a library of various arithmetic operations, algorithms and data structures, that’s why it is extremely fast, stable and ready to use pool in the high frequency trading community. It is a popular choice for multi device and multi platform app development. It can easily access blocked and hidden objects by other programming languages. It also gives a variety of application domains, such as games, GUI applications and mathematical algorithms.

JavaScript is the best programming language for the beginners to learn for their job opportunities as many startup organizations these days are using it. It is mainly used to design interactive front end applications. It works exceptionally well with other programming languages. It is highly versatile and gives a variety of expanders to a website.

Go Programming Language:

It is a language widely used by the startups which depend upon distributed systems. It is built by “Google” and it provides very good access to multithreading, so basically it is a language which is easy to learn and moderate. It is also known as Golang.

So these are the top 5 programming languages of 2020 which every beginner or job seeker should learn about.…